Networking – Wired

Building a great infrastructure and designing systems for your facility requires a robust and secure active network to allow all of the communications to happen and for these systems to integrate with each other.  A network design is the heart of the building and is one of the most important components to a successful IT department.  It is also vital to capture the requirements of all of the other systems and those that fall under others scope to ensure there is enough capacity to handle the load of today with expandability for tomorrow.

Networking – Wireless

Providing your guests with consistent and reliable wireless internet connectivity while on property will make them appreciate your effort in keeping them connected.  With wireless internet being almost as important as heating, cooling and hot water nowadays, it is important to understand the coverage that is required, the elements that may affect a signal and the solutions available in providing a seamless experience.  Using the right tools, the right hardware and the right software to ensure that coverage is sufficient, equipment is working and there are no problems will give your IT staff the ability to manage the network with ease and provide a little peace of mind.